Product Features

Easy to Use and Set Up

Our digital acuity chart is an all in one system and includes everything you will need to set up one lane in your office.

Included in the kit will be an Android tablet that functions as a remote. From this device you will access the intuitive graphical interface that allows the user to see what the patient sees on the screen right in front of them. Unlike our competitors who offer clunky and cumbersome analog remotes, our tablet interface is very user friendly and provides multiple benefits that traditional hardware does not offer. For example, if you are in a mirrored lane, no need to turn around and interpret backwards letters because the content of the patient screen is duplicated in normal orientation on the operators screen. Also you will be able to easily access all of the functions of the system through the touchscreen. If you have ever used the aforementioned clunky remotes from competitors then you will understand that our technology has taken something very complicated and simplified it without sacrificing functionality.

We tried to think of everything with our system including modularity. The tablet works through wifi. Let's say someone walks out of the room with the tablet or it is misplaced, any other devices on your wifi network can control any of your charts including the cell phone in your pocket. It can be Android, Apple, Windows etc... As long as it has connection to the wifi network and an internet browser, you can control the chart with it.

If there is no internet present, then the included bluetooth keyboard can control every feature of the chart. This ensures that clinic flow doesn’t have to stop if the internet goes down. The vision charts will still be operable without the interface on devices.

Also included is a high definition monitor. The monitor has a very sturdy stand that you can mount on a shelf in your lane or you can remove the stand and use the included vesa mount to install it on your wall.

Once the system is out of the box and installed in your lane a 2 minute calibration will have it set up and running. This is easy to do, however, if you want to send us your lane measurements when ordering, we will send you your unit precalibrated.

No Bloatware

At Truvision, we have spent over a year consulting multiple physicians and their staff about which features they use on a daily basis. The resulting product is the most streamlined and user friendly eye chart on the market. Centering around the most used tools, screens, and optotypes, TruVision is the simplest eye chart you’ll ever own.

Features include:

  • Sloan or Snellen optotypes (20/400 - 20/10)
  • Duochrome screen
  • Mirrored lane compatibility
  • Randomized optotype presentation
  • Tumbling E
  • LEA symbols or Allen symbols
  • Numbers
  • Animated retinoscopy screen (for children)
  • 15-plate Ishihara screening
  • Single line, single letter, or groups of lines and letters
  • 1, 3, or 5 Optotypes per line
  • Worth 4-Dot
  • Invert (black on white/white on black)
  • Crowding Bars
  • Fixation Dot
  • Add custom education videos
  • Metric/Customary (6/6 or 20/20)